Friday, November 30, 2018

RM400 OFF instant rebate is extended for Galaxy Note9

Galaxy Note9 Instant Rebate

UPDATED: The Promotion has been extended till 31st December 2018!

Starting from 5 October 2018 you are entitled to grab a new spanking Galaxy Note9 at a special rebate price off RM400.

 Galaxy Note9  128GB / 6GB RAM priced at RM3299
Galaxy Note9 512GB / 8GB RAM priced at RM4199.

All you need to do is walk into any Samsung Experience Stores located near you and reap this special promotion.

More details of the offer at

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ready for More? Free Exclusive Gift from Samsung

Gifts from Luxasia
As from now till 1 Jan 2019, you are able to receive a free gift from Samsung courtesy from Luxasia. This is in conjunction with Galaxy Note9 lavender launch

Get an exclusive gift from Luxasia when you subscribe to email updates from Samsung. Just flash the confirmation email on your phone at the following roadshow locations to collect your exclusive Luxasia gift!

Locations and Dates:- 

Midvalley Metrojaya
3 - 9 Dec @ Ground Floor, East Entrance Atrium (in front of Uniqlo)
17 - 23 Dec @ Lower Ground Concourse

Pavilion Parkson
15 Nov - 1 Jan @ 3rd Floor, Couture Pavilion

KLCC, Parkson
17 - 23 Dec @ LG Floor (in front of Uniqlo)

KLCC, Isetan
10 - 16 Dec @ LG Floor (in front of Uniqlo)

Lot 10, Isetan
27 Nov - 4 Dec @ Concourse

Midvalley Metrojaya
3 - 9 Dec @ Ground Floor, East Entrance Atrium (in front of Uniqlo)
17 - 23 Dec @ Lower Ground Concourse

Pavilion Parkson
17 Dec - 1 Jan @ 3rd Floor, Bukit Bintang Entrance
14 Dec - 27 Dec @ 3rd Floor, Parkson Main Entrance
15 Nov - 1 Jan  @ 3rd Floor, Couture Pavilion

10 - 31 Dec @ Ground Floor, Main Entrance
13 - 26 Dec @ Centre Atrium

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Infinity-O Screen makes it debut on non-flagship phone first

This May be Samsung Galaxy A8s Infinity-O Screen With Camera Hole On Screen

The latest rumours mill starts about Samsung Galaxy A8s will be their first device with the Infinity-O screen. This screen is unique as it has a small hole on the screen for selfie cameras as an alternative to the use of the notch which is currently popular.

Screen panels for this device have been leaked into the internet space showing a large hole size located on the left book. With this design the larger screen can be used but still maintains the design of a comfortable device held with one hand.

This Infinity-O screen is shown almost a month ago in conjunction with Infinity-V, Infinity-U and Infinity Flex. Samsung is hearing complains about the consumer demands on notchless screen display is now trying to achieve alternative ways the minimize the on-screen notch.

This could be the answer to the people. Not much details has been shared on the Galaxy A8s Spec yet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Work life: 10 Reasons to Switch to the Galaxy Note9

For working users, some things are imperative when you’re on the go and trying to get work done on your smartphone. From responding to emails to annotating documents, even toggling between multiple windows while dialling into a conference call, it can be a real challenge to work solely using the productivity tools on your mobile device.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Note9, however, we make working from your mobile device, dare we say, easy. Thanks to the 6.4-in. Infinity Display, the S Pen, numerous smart productivity tools, oh and we can’t forget the wonderful app pair feature, the Note9 makes it easier to do more — and do it better. And, switching to the Galaxy Note9 won’t take long, and certainly won’t pose any problems thanks to the Samsung Smart Switch. In one seamless move, you can transfer contacts, photos, music, messages and other data, making the upgrade to the Note9 simply irrefutable.

So, without further ado, we give you the top 10 reasons why you should switch to the Galaxy Note9.

1. Protect Your Data
If you know security is imperative, you know Samsung Knox is top-notch. With Knox’s defense-grade security, you no longer need to worry if your employees are keeping business data safe. Built from the chip up, Samsung Knox provides a security platform for serious protection and integrates closely with all the leading MDM solutions.

2. Increase Your Productivity
Cue the S Pen. This snazzy little pen gives you full control over your device. Use Screen Off Memo to take notes in a meeting without even unlocking your screen, or mark up PDFs on the go. The S Pen provides higher levels of usability for business applications on the Note9’s generous 6.4-in. screen. Like the Note9, the S Pen is water and dust-resistant, meaning you can use it to capture signatures or take notes, even in industries where getting caught in the rain happens frequently on the job.

"Image of person holding Galaxy Note9 in front of a busy street scene with a spreadsheet and the Calendar app onscreen, demonstrating multitasking capabilities "
3. Be More Efficient
Did you know that Note users already multitask 40 percent more than other Galaxy owners? It’s not a coincidence. With App Pair, Note9 users can launch two apps with one tap and use them side-by-side on the Infinity Display. Need to jump on a conference call while on the go? No problem. Simply pair your calendar and your phone keypad and you’ll have everything you need in one place, on one screen. Gone are the days of jumping back and forth between apps, wasting precious time and making silly mistakes. No need to worry about the number of apps you have open: The 10nm processor and 6GB RAM will keep you running at top speed.

4. Snap Pro Pics
We get it — life isn’t all work and no play. That’s why we equipped the Note9 with the world’s first Dual Camera with Optical Image Stabilization on both lenses (yes, you read that right). Whether you’re shooting in the dark or from a distance, photos are clear. Clear Zoom allows you to zoom in closer with less blur so you can capture great portraits and enjoy low-light clarity for incredible photos. Does the photog in you want more control? Switch to Pro Mode for all the options you’d expect from a pro camera. With Live Focus, you can focus on what you want, when you want to. Change the depth-of-field to make your subject stand out, and you can even see what it’ll look like before you take the photo. But, it’s not only beneficial after hours. You’ve never looked as good as you will on the front-facing camera — perfect for video conferencing when you’re OOO.

5. See More, Scroll Less
Whether you’re reviewing PDFs, working on Excel spreadsheets or watching videos on demand, you’ll have all the advantages of a 6.3-in. Infinity Display in the palm of your hand. Working outdoors or from a cab on the way to a meeting? No need to worry about the sun putting a damper on your productivity, the Note9 is unbelievably bright when you need it most. Boasting sharp, true-to-life color with the Mobile HDR Premium-certified Super AMOLED display, the Note9 will give you a cinema-quality screen, and with the 83 percent screen-to-body ratio, you’ll have more screen to work with and less phone to hold. What more could you ask for?

Simulated image of a person using Galaxy Note9 connected to Samsung DeX via a single cable, looking at a spreadsheet on the connected monitor and using Galaxy Note9 as a touchpad
6. Enable the Mobile Worker With DeX
Imagine sitting down at your desk with just your Note9 in hand, docking it into your DeX Station, plugging in a simple keyboard and mouse, and having all of your work right there at your fingertips. With DeX, it’s literally that simple. You can work in multiple, resizable windows, use drag and drop with your mouse and all the standard keyboard shortcuts on an intuitive desktop, powered by your phone. Working remotely? Leave your laptop at the office and travel lightly with just your Note9 and DeX — no need to lug around anything more. Traveling for work? Plug DeX in anywhere there’s a screen — it’s HDMI-enabled so pretty much any TV or monitor will work. Plus, it works great with Office 365 and advanced apps such as Adobe Lightroom.

An image of a Galaxy Note9 Ocean Blue connected to a monitor via a single cable, with a keyboard and a mouse beside it. An image of the Samsung Notes app running on a Galaxy Note9 Ocean Blue while documents are shown on a curved monitor.
7. Get More Done With DeX + VDI
With Samsung DeX, you can run virtualized Windows desktops and apps with enterprise-ready VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions from Citrix, VMware and Amazon. It’s simple — dock your Note9 into DeX and get to work. The Note9 easily integrates into your existing virtualized environments so your team can get more done, easily and more seamlessly than ever. Employees can use their existing credentials to set up and log in, just like they’d do from the office. Thanks to the Note9, you’ve got all of the advantages of VDI on a smartphone managed by your MDM.

8. Separate Work + Personal – Part 1: Secure Folder
Keeping data secure shouldn’t just be of interest to your employer; it’s important to keep your personal data secure, too. That’s where Secure Folder comes in. It supports keeping your work and personal information separate, while still utilizing that defense-grade security that Samsung Knox offers. Drop all of your personal apps in one place and add multi-authentication to secure it — use biometrics or enter your PIN to access. Need to access your personal bank account? No problem. Just keep your personal apps in your Secure Folder and access them whenever, wherever, all from the same device.

9. Separate Work + Personal – Part 2: Dual Messenger
Are you juggling Facebook Messenger for work as well as your own personal account? Now, thanks to Note9’s Dual Messenger, you’ll never have to switch back and forth or re-log into accounts again — simply run the app as two separate instances. You can have two social accounts open and active at the same time. And it isn’t just Facebook, but also WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Skype and more. Dual Messenger lets you separate your work life from your personal life, giving you the ideal work-life integration.

An image of Galaxy S7, S8 showing the Smart Switch app
10. Switching Made Easy
Let’s just get right down to it. Switching from an old mobile device to a new device, whether it’s a Samsung device, an iPhone, even your computer (PC or Mac), is usually a major headache. Transferring over all of your data — your contacts, emails, photos, you name it — used to be a bear, but with Samsung’s Smart Switch, transitioning from one device to another is undeniably effortless. There are three simple ways: transfer content directly from your old phone wirelessly, transfer content directly from your old phone via USB cable, or transfer content from a PC or Mac to your new Galaxy Note9 phone.

Equipped with the next generation of productivity tools, the Note9 is built for multitasking, letting you work from your mobile device anytime, from anywhere. Discover even more ways that the Galaxy Note9 can bring a new level of productivity to your enterprise.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Samsung MaNa Box hits Google Playstore!

Samsung is introducing its very own Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game ManaBox! Made for consumers, the game promises a good amount of addictive fun with real-world rewards that players would definitely find fulfilling.

Available for download on Google Play Store starting from 23rd November 2018, catch the in-game characters Cheeky, Cutey, Fiesty, and more to collect your Mana Coins and redeem rewards such as beverages, movie tickets, Grab vouchers and others. Rewards are extra exciting if you are able to catch the Golden Box! 

Potential Rewards:-
Free TGV Movie tickets,
Free Starbucks Drinks
Free Grab Voucher ride
Free Giant Voucher
Free Lazada Voucher 
Free Kenny Roger Meal

- You can catch as many boxes as possible in your current catch screen.

The differences between the different coloured tapes as shown below:-

Coloured boxes points

Get started now in 3 simple steps:

1) Download “ManaBox” on the Google Play Store or App Store
2) Catch the Mana Boxes
3) Unbox and redeem rewards daily

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Samsung Blue Week

Samsung Blue Week

For only during the weekend in conjunction with Black Friday (23 - -25 November), Samsung is presenting Blue Week.

This promotion encompass deals worth up to 46% discounts off Categories of Mobile Phones, TVs, and home appliances.

Below are the price list.

Galaxy A6 @ Only RM699.30
Galaxy J1 Ace VE  @ Only RM258.30
Galaxy J3(2016) @ Only RM419.30
Galaxy J5(2016) @ Only RM559.30
Galaxy J7 Pro @ Only RM720.30
Galaxy Note FE @ Only RM1,446.90
Galaxy Note8 @ Only RM2,638.30
Galaxy A8 @ Only RM1,182.30
Galaxy J7+ @ Only RM853.30
Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier for only RM999.00

for more product listing on TVs and Home Appliances, head over to their page for the full list.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Samsung Electronics Sweeps Coveted Global AI Awards

Samsung Electronicsartificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are being recognized globally in a competitive field with top researchers all seeking to dominate. Samsung Research, the advanced R&D arm of Samsung Electronics’ device business, has won recent competitions, which will be vital in ultimately rolling out AI in more real-world situations than ever.

In October, Samsung Research’s R&D Institute Poland (SRPOL), in partnership with University of Edinburgh of the UK, won first place at the International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT), one of the world’s most renowned and longest-running automatic language translation workshops. IWSLT sits alongside the Workshop on Machine Translation (WMT) as the most prestigious competitions in the space. The IWSLT win is the second consecutive time that the Poland research center has topped the workshop.

Every June, IWSLT provides permissible training data sets and allows test run submissions from participants, evaluating the submitted runs with automatic metrics. This year, IWSLT featured two tasks: Low Resource Machine Translation and Speech Translation. SRPOL participated in the first sector, aiming to discover new technologies that can help overcome low-resource situations with scarcity in not only data but also in time and cost that are often required to use AI for multilingual translation.

Samsung’s task was using AI technology to translate text from Basque to English. The SRPOL team was first provided with limited amount of data – about a million Basque-to-English parallel data sets in the form of movie subtitles – to train and develop the algorithm model. Then, the team used this data to translate TED Talks given in Basque into English. Despite the difficulty of proposed translation direction and scarce data, when compared with the reference translations, SRPOL received the highest Bilingual Evaluation Understudy score (BLEU) of 26.21 – showing a high level of correspondence of the machine translation to the reference – and a  significantly low error rate.
On the bordering country of Ukraine, Samsung’s AI expertise is being applied successfully within the automotive field. Samsung R&D Institute Ukraine (SRK) submitted a solution that it developed to detect pedestrians for the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (KITTI) Vision Benchmark Suite, one of the top three benchmarking organizations for automotive driving technology, in August. KITTI sits alongside Caltech Pedestrian and CityScapes as the leading benchmarking institutions.

Among the nine KITTI categories including Stereo, Objects, Tracking, Road and more – SRK submitted its computer vision technology SiRtaKi in the ‘Pedestrian Tracking’ category. Since the submission, the solution has been recognized as the best in the field, retaining its top position on the leaderboard.

To enter the competition in the ‘Pedestrian Tracking’ category, AI algorithms are tested on their capabilities to not only detect objects but trace their movements – an upgrade from the previous technologies where only detection was possible. Likewise, SRK downloaded roughly 3,400 raw images of pedestrian movements from KITTI to run SiRtaKi which employs a tracking-by-detection approach. The team, using SiRtaKi, obtained and analyzed each passerby’s coordination and traveling direction countless times. As a result, SRK’s rigorous work paid off as they received the best score among competitors for a high level of accuracy in the object tracking.
Needless to say, such AI technology is expected to help create new possibilities in the automotive industry - that it can be implemented in autonomous’ sensors to detect nearby pedestrians and objects’ movements and reduce danger on the roads. Adding on, the new algorithm will also be applied in our daily lives like home appliances and also in the to-be-developed next-generation technologies.

It doesn’t end here. Last July, Samsung Research placed first in two of the world’s prestigious AI reading competitions, the MAchine Reading COmprehension (MS MARCO) Competition held by Microsoft and TriviaQA hosted by the University of Washington. To date, Samsung is still ranked first in the Web category of TriviaQA. And in March, Samsung R&D Institute China-Beijing (SRC-B) made mark in AI development in computer vision (technologies in analysis of characters and images), winning the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), a global competition in Optical Character Recognition technologies.

“So much innovation took place by Samsung Electronics from all over the world. With multiple achievements in the world’s prestigious AI-related competitions, Samsung is leading the development of artificial intelligence and the related technologies on a global level,” said Seunghwan Cho, Vice President of Samsung Research. “We will continue to contribute to realizing a highly user-centric environment by applying the groundbreaking AI technology to our current products and services.” 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Galaxy Note FE Recognized for Android Pie

Samsung Galaxy Note FE is the updated Galaxy Note 7. Why is it renewed? If we remember, in 2016 - Galaxy Note 7 has a serious battery issue so many of these devices have users explode. So it's updated to Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition).

This device has recently been recognized by WiFi Alliance for supporting Android 9.0 Pie. So, there is a chance this Note FE will receive the One UI update that will be accepted by Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Note 9 and Galaxy S9. As Galaxy Note FE was launched it ran Android Nougat. The latest update of the Android quad-core device is two years of operating system updates and three years of security update, Android Oreo should be the last operating system for this device.

So do not grieve Galaxy Note FE users, there is hope for all of you to receive Android Pie. Together let's we look forward with hope.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2019) on sales this week!

The world†s first quad camera smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy A9 2019 is the first device with a camera-chess system on the back. It was launched in Kuala Lumpur on October 11 and it will eventually be sold in Malaysia on November 23. This is confirmed through a roadshow that runs from November 23 to 25 2018.

The selling price has not yet been announced but early subscribers will receive a RM783 rewards in the form of JBL GO2, 128GB microSD card, 10000 mAh powerbank, three-month Spotify subscription, movie tickets from TGV and Samsung's screen protection plan.

In terms of specifications Samsung Galaxy A9 2019 comes with a 6.3-inch SAMOLED QHD + screen, a Snapdragon 660 processor, 6/8 GB memory and 128GB of storage. Users can also add additional storage using micro-SD card up to 512GB.

Capture more with the power of four
Samsung Galaxy A9 main camera on the back is a combination of 24 + 10 + 8 + 5 Megapixels. The 24-Megapixel main camera is for normal capture mode with f / 1.7 lens, 10-Megapixel Camera for 2X optical zoom with f / 2.4 lens. An 8-megapixel camera wide angle lens 120 degrees f / 2.4 and ultimately 5-megapixel depth sensor f / 2.2. At the front of the 24-Megapixel sensor is also used for selfies.

Colorful design that defines you
This device has a 3800 mAh battery with fast charging. Also included is the Scene Optimizer system on the camera app and also Always On Display. There is also a unlock system using the face and fingerprint scanner on the back panel. It still uses Android 8.0. Three color slopes are offered Caviar Black, Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink.

Monday, November 19, 2018

RM 1 & RM11 Deals with Samsung Members

From now till 30th November, Samsung Members will enjoy deals and offers which are on shopback to get exclusive RM1 & RM11 price deals.

Below are the steps on getting this deal.

1) Tap on “Redeem” on Samsung Members app.

2) Tap on “Visit the Website” to be directed to (Eligible Participants must be a new or existing ShopBack user signed up from

3) You will be redirected to ShopBack - Samsung Members Exclusive Deals page.

4) Click on the offer listed and you will be directed to the respective merchant’s page.

5) Select an item and check out your purchase(s).
Samsung Members x Shopback

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Kimi and Iri’s Illustrated Life

Kimi and Iri displaying their digital illustration outside their studio and home.
A #lookindepth at South Korea’s most creative couple.

Kimi and Iri (also known as the 12 of @kimi_and_12) took their creativity from their Samsung Laptop to the real world when they moved to Namhae and turned their studio into a replica of their famed Les Baguettes Hotel. Here’s sneak peek into their digital illustration creative process and how they use the S Pen to perfect their collaboration.

@kimi_and_12 and their digital illustration prints.

A creative collaboration
Famed for their nostalgic prints and bold colours, Kimi and Iri use illustration and painting to create the fanciful Les Baguettes Hotel world.

“We like to switch things up. Our style is still evolving.” -Kimi
A close up shot of Kim Hee Eun painting in the studio

 A close-up shot of Kim Hee Eun painting in the studio
Kimi at work inside their studio, Les Baguettes Hotel

@kimi_and_12 relaxing outside their country studio
A blank canvas, for both their art and their home
When Kimi and Iri moved from cosmopolitan Seoul to isolated Namhae, they saw it as an opportunity to create their own visual world

A close up shot of Kimi painting in the Les Baguettes Hotel studio

Starting on paper
Their creative process begins with both of them brainstorming, then Kimi using poster and acrylic to bring their brainstorms to life.

Digital illustration by Kim Hee Eun

“Both of us were working with retro art styles when we first met. And look where we are today!” -Iri

Iri at work with a Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

Refining with digital
Iri uses the S Pen to refine Kimi’s hand-painted illustrations after scanning and transferring them to the Tab S4.

"Because the S Pen is so slim and sensitive, it makes drawing exact...feeling the closest to drawing freehand." -Iri

Bring creativity to life
From first thoughts to final drafts, take your creative process to the next level with the Samsung Note9 or Tab S4.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

10 Minutes to Mindfulness

Cvičenia mindfulness meditácie
Quick and easy mindfulness exercises that can improve your life

From working late in the office to running to social get-togethers, it’s easy to lose yourself in the shuffle of everyday life. Here are some tips for guided mindfulness that will help you be more present—and you can do them in 10 minutes or less

Samsung Health: Take a second to reset your breathing with the Samsung Health app

1. Ready, set, breath
When we’re stressed at work, we have the tendency to not use our full range of breath. Even though you’re going 100 miles a minute, taking a few minutes to do a breathing exercise can help you make it through the day with your sanity intact

Making breakfast can be a form of morning meditation
TIP: Chia pudding is packed with protein and only requires 3 ingredients. Make it the night before and wake up to a delicious breakfast.

2. Make yourself breakfast
Cooking can be a mindfulness exercise, and breakfast is an important meal. It starts your day off right while giving you fuel to get through more gruelling tasks, like that pesky morning commute. Eggs only take a few minutes to scramble and overnight oats practically make themselves, so there’s really no excuse to start the day hungry

Micro workouts get your endorphins going with cardio
3. Do a micro-workout (it’s a thing)
Workouts are great for the mind and they don’t have to be an hour long. Micro-workouts are short 10-minute bursts of exercise that engage your whole body and elevate your heart rate. You can take 10 minutes to do 30-second intervals of jump rope or squats and still get your endorphins going with some cardio

Listening to music with headphones on can help you meditate and be present
4. Refresh your playlist
We can all be creatures of habit when it comes to music, but experiencing new things can help you be more mindful. Most streaming sites recommend artists based on what you’ve played recently, so it’s easy to find something new. To really experience the sound, put your headphones on, close your eyes and be present

Drawing on a tablet or smartphone can spark your creativity
PENUP App: PENUP is a thriving art community right on your Galaxy smartphone

5. Spark your creativity
Between work and working out, it’s easy to forget the importance of creativity. Every day, try dedicating 10 minutes to writing, doodling or even colouring. They’re all great for reducing stress and using your brain in a different way

Add a personal touch
With the Galaxy Note9 and S Pen, you can draw your own emojis or write a message on a photo and send it as a handwritten note
Galaxy Note9

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How to Work from Home and Get Away with It

Tricks for staying so productive your boss won’t even notice.

Remote work from home or the coffeeshop can be a breeze.
Everyone wants to give the mobile workforce a try, but how do you do it and not miss a beat of work? Whether you want to work from home, the coffee shop, or the road, here are a few tips for making any place your workplace.

For the mobile workforce, any place can be their workplace.
TIP: Schedule working hours and personal hours, then enforce them just like your boss would.

1. Be mobile and able
If you’re going to be in and out of various work-spaces all day, you’ll need a device that’s powerful enough to recreate your in-office productivity. Try a tool like Samsung DeX, which brings you a desktop experience powered by your phone.

Time management is a key part of how to work from home.
2. Stay on cycle
When you’re remote, good time management is crucial. Try breaking your day into productivity cycles: 15 minutes of work, then 5 minutes of break. Repeat that four times, then take a 20-minute break. Add a note-taking app like Samsung Notes and you’ll plow through your to-do list.

Samsung’s DeX Station makes remote work from home or anywhere else a breeze
3. Work the cloud
Being able to access all of your data, apps and projects anywhere is key. A desktop dock like DeX can help by making your Samsung device both your phone and your computer, meaning you don’t have to worry about which file version is on which device.

Connect with your team via a phone call when you do remote work
4. Check in with your team
Make the extra effort to send your boss a mid-day update on your progress and call your teammates to make sure you didn’t miss any conversations that affect your projects. Not only will this keep you connected to your work, it will also give you the person-to-person interaction you may crave when you’re working remotely.

Make any place your work place
Connect your Galaxy S9 | S9+ or Note9 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your phone.

Monday, November 12, 2018

What is QLED TV and Why You’ll Want One

Samsung’s QLED tv in your home

The QLED TV in your home. Time to set up.
So, you’ve decided to bring a new QLED TV into your home. You head to the store, pick out the right size for your room, and bring it home. It’s out of the box and ready to go, and you can’t believe how good it looks. In fact, you realize it would look good anywhere you put it. While admiring its four-side bezel-less front, your eyes wander to the back that’s smooth and sleek—until the part that’s been cut out specially for the No-Gap Wall Mount. We designed the back panel so that the mount connects inside the back panel rather than to its exterior, allowing the TV to sit as close against the wall as possible for a seamless look in your home. Plus, it’s super easy to install. You’ll be finished quickly so you can get on your favorite show in no time at all.

Samsung’s QLED tvs express 100% color volume and HDR1500-2000
Turn on the TV to see the real world, in HDR.
It’s mounted and been swiveled to the ideal angle for your viewing pleasure, and now it’s time to turn on your new TV. But whoa! These colors are so vivid. This is like watching real life on your TV. That’s because QLED TVs can express 100% color volume. Color volume is what you get when you add light to colors and a fantastic range of hues is created. This is all thanks to the New Metal Quantum dot, which is uniform in shape and expresses color in a fine and dense manner that makes color realistic and keeps details clear.

You also notice that it’s easy on the eyes while still being really detailed. What’s at work there is the bright HDR technology. HDR stands for High-Dynamic Range, and in QLED TVs it can express HDR1500–2000, which mimics the brightness of 1500–2000 candles and is really close to what occurs naturally.1 So details shine through.

Smart remote controlling all your devices and content
You’ve connected all your devices and now have all you need at a press of the One Remote Control.
When it comes time to plug in your devices you realize there are no ports in the TV. But the Invisible Connection allows you to tuck your devices away for an elegant, minimalistic visual wherever you put your TV. Every device that’s plugged in is connected to the TV via the Invisible Connection and automatically detected, meaning no more playing detective to find out what’s plugged in where.2 And you don’t have to point the smart remote at each device to control it, just point at the QLED TV.

You can also download the Smart View app onto your phone to easily control your QLED TV in between text messages. You can even use it as a game controller for cloud games.

QLED tv’s bold contrast no matter how bright or dark your surroundings
The sun has set, the lights are turned on, and the QLED TV still has the same great picture quality.
After a long day, you decide to kick back and watch some TV. You debate whether or not you want to turn on the lamp, since you don’t want the glare, but ultimately you decide you should probably not risk kicking the coffee table in the dark. But wait, there’s less glare on the TV! That’s because Ultra Black minimizes reflections on the screen so the picture comes in clear, regardless of the ambient lighting.

There’s also Precision Black, which uses dimming technology to ensure the optimal contrast on-screen. Ultra Black’s reflectivity improvement works together with Precision Black technology that automatically adjusts the brightness of every scene. So no matter if it’s a sunny day with rays streaming through the windows or the dark of night with every lamp in the house on, you’ll get great picture clarity and stunning, lifelike colors on your QLED TV.

With QLED tv, every seat is a great seat preventing color distortion to the onscreen picture
No more fighting over the best seat (because every seat is!)
Now that you’re comfortable with the newest addition to your home, it’s time to introduce it to everybody. So you invite your friends over for a day full of TV fun. The Smart Hub has plenty of content no matter what your crew wants to do: stream a movie, play a game, watch some baseball… There’s something for everyone

Once you’ve settled on content, the battle for the best seat begins. Time out! The QLED TV is full of technology that works together to prevent distortion to the onscreen picture so that whether you’re sitting on the couch, the chair, or if you’re moving around while cleaning up after your friend who just spilled popcorn everywhere, you see the same great picture with stunning colors and impressive clarity.