Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Samsung Expected to present next flagship of Galaxy

Samsung will introduce the next Galaxy flagship on February 21, 2019, where several versions are expected to be introduced by the device manufacturer. Most recently, one version is said to be present with a ceramic-based template design that provides users with a more premium experience.

The ceramic version of the Galaxy flagship is also expected to offer high specs - which offer up to 12GB of memory, in addition to 1TB of storage.

The ceramic version is also said through a built-in process that offers scratch-resistant support, as well as not so easy to fall off the hand.

Previously, it was said that this version of the ceramic is probably the 5G version offered in several countries. It is expected to offer a high price tag - and maybe the ceramic-based building is a bit of a relief to the buyer for the price paid.

As always, we're looking forward to this February 21st to see Samsung's surprise.

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