Friday, February 8, 2019

one UI is here for galaxy note9

Multiple phones show how One UI screens change the Galaxy interface to make it easier for users to focus. The One UI home screen with colorful icons. The One UI phone keypad, photo gallery, calculator, and calendar applications onscreen. Samsung Notes, Night Mode, email inbox, and search function applications onscreen.
Galaxy Note9 users in Malaysia take note, the latest firmware update for your device is now available for download. The update is a big deal because it brings with it Samsung’s all-new One UI interface along with Android 9 Pie to the Galaxy Note 9.

Once you update your Galaxy Note 9 to the stable Android Pie update, which is about 1.6GB in size, you will instantly notice a redesign UI. Some of the app icons get a makeover and look really fresh if you have been growing tired of the old icons. They look more colourful now, including the icons in the Settings menu.

Since One UI is based on Android Pie, the quick setting panel now shows blue-coloured buttons. But what I probably love the most is the system-wide Dark mode which I enabled instantly in Settings > Display > Night Mode. Dark mode nicely turns the background in most Samsung apps totally black, which not only comforts the eyes but also helps conserve battery life as well. Eventually, Samsung will allow you to configure Dark mode to switch on automatically at night.
Woman̢۪s left hand holds a phone and naturally interacts with the One UI messaging application using just her thumb.

The One UI interface is being developed for the upcoming Galaxy S series of devices and Samsung is making the new experience available for Note 9 users as well as to other Samsung devices as part of the Android 9 Pie update, this includes the Note 8, Galaxy S8, Note FE and Galaxy A8, among others.

As I mentioned, One UI is designed to make it easy to use a large device with one hand by pushing content that you use within reach. The idea is pretty simple and makes so much sense - look at the top half and interact with the bottom half. This new design can be seen on all Samsung apps and even in the quick settings panel. Swipe down the panel twice and all the quick setting buttons will drop to the bottom half of the display.

The moment you open the Settings menu, for example, you will notice the top half blank with just the word "Setting" plastered in a large font. Sure, you're left with a lot of blank space, but that's really okay. In fact it makes it look cleaner and less cluttered. The bottom half is where the actual options are so you can easily reach them without having to use both your hands.

In addition to One UI, the Android Pie update brings a few other goodies as well like Adaptive Battery which is a feature that learns your usage patterns and adapts the device’s power usage and battery management accordingly. One UI also comes with the option to set a systems-wide night mode where the background and most design elements of the interface is presented in a dark colour to further save battery.

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